Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shipping costs!!

A rough week with a good ending.  I checked a previous quote for shipping the keel to Hawaii and the cost went up 3x.  I almost keeled over.  I checked further with other carriers and it only got worse.  With prices in the $600.00 range I settled myself by thinking that this is what they charge to ship me to Hawaii and I am self loading.  Things changed with some helpful input from a friend and I am going to ship the mold in a cardboard box, well wrapped.  The casting house said that is fine and that they can strap the finished piece to a pallet and send it off.  A quote for the return pallet came in at $250.00 so the show is on!   If anyone needs a really nice crate for storing a Flying Fifteen keel I have got a deal for you. 

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