Friday, November 8, 2013

If anyone has suggestions on paint I could use some input.  I do not see the need for special anti-fouling or metal paints since it will not stay in the water for more than a day.  Here is my list so far:
  1. Pettit Unepoxy
  2. Pettit easypoxy
  3. Pettit Shipendec Enamel Paint 
  4. Rustoleum Oil based enamel
  5. Krylon spray enamel
Any comments?, Thanks.


I ran out of epoxy but it is all ready for glass and fairing.  After that I will give it a coat of paint and store it. Perhaps some more tuning on the keel to clean up the first two layers and prep for storing.  Then the real work gets started, building the back bone and stations but design is still progressing.  I probably will not have any posts for quite awhile.  And it will be time to pay the English for the building right.

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