Saturday, July 5, 2014

Started building some moulds.  I assumed I would lay it out on the floor but there is so much chicken sh_t around  from the wandering birds I am working off of a panel.  Paper traces are transfered to boards, cut, fitted, assembled and soon to be final shaped.  Only need to finish up 7 and 8 and the transom.  Everything is sized for 1/4" skin and 5/8" battens.   In another week or so we will get a crew together to glue up the laminates on the keelson.  I think the keel mould can get taken down by end of July and then the station moulds setup.   Those aft stations 6, 7, 8, T  really get some tight turns.  My battens for tracing lines (or whatever you call it) started breaking.  I eventually used a piece of balsa and tiny nails set at each loft point with the balsa bent around them.  That would have been nice to try earlier on.  An offset line at 22mm (batten and skin) was then drawn parallel to each true loft line giving the mould outer line.

Much bigger now...

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