Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-22-14:  All moulds were rechecked on the master loft panel and trued up, center marked etc.   Base is marked with two reference center lines.  Need to transfer the original keel jig longitudinal lines onto the keelson itself then using laser beam layout center lines and station profile marks to allow shaping to begin.

8-18-14:  The final lower level laminate is glued in place and cured.    Went ahead and removed the keelson, cleared the deck and started laying out moulds.  The springback is ~6mm so opting to figure later once the moulds are set and new loft lines checked with laser.

The keel has been getting in the way so moved it onto a flat dolly and hiding it under backbone.

This is the last steam bend for the backbone and getting ready for glue up in a few days.

Here the gap for frames and cross members is seen beneath 'G' laminate.

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