Thursday, May 14, 2015

It takes some finesse to fare the hull with thickened epoxy.  If the spreader rides up on the fluid as you spread it then you are above the substrate but if there is vibration then you are scraping down into the substrate.  I still had 30-50% fabric roughness over the hull after two applications.  This is the third faring sequence but at least now the carbon fiber is level with the rest of the surface.  

It was planned to start painting but decided to go with flipping the hull over and get started on the interior.  The paint scheme is to skip primer and use LIC 40 Valspar 2 part linear polyurethane according to Gougeon brothers.  Maybe Saturday.    Some balance time put on the tiller and rudder stock clamp.  
  1. Align and pre-drill rudder stock port.
  2. Apply epoxy primer coating. 
  3. Cut brad nail attachment of hull to mold.  
  4. Lift hull and flip over.  Remove mold assembly and install upright supports.  Install hull on base and supports.  Following these steps the external surface will be left unpainted and the hull flipped over to begin internal structure work.  

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