Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Keelson deadwood is in place and waiting to install cap board which has been reduced in length to just cover sections 3-6.   Front window port frame is in place for future upgrade.  A transparent window will be installed from exterior at this frame.  The fore section will receive another epoxy coating,  installation of fore stay anchor plates and possible spinnaker chute hardware.  After that the fore deck beams, stringers then skin will be installed.

At the rudder stock some more frustration as the re-drill was now offset to the port side by 3 mm.  We enlarged the bore to one side and mounted up the rudder for positioning.  The bearings will be poured epoxy 105/205, which, has slightly less strength that Acetal or Nylon.  The seal between the upper and lower bearing will take some finagling.  Need to get this done so we can close up the back.

Mid deck compartments and seats are underway.  They will be split (for now) into forward and back compartments separated by a space of 20-30 cm adjacent to the sheet console.  The compartments will see less bending and less likelihood of leaking.  The seats would float above them with a space underneath to facilitate maintenance.  Well at least that is the plan.

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