Sunday, October 25, 2015

The aft cockpit and side decks/tanks meet in a strange manner making it tricky to enclose the watertight compartments.  Four pairs of compartments are prepared in the side decks.  A small space above each and below the seat edge will allow access to cover plates.  I am pretty happy with the seat structure in supporting persons and stiffening the length of the midsection of the boat.   Next week might be realistic to start cold molding the seat a.

Aft edge composed of 2x 6mm ply.  

 Bulkheads bonded in place.

 Hanger plates for seat stringers.  Just throw out the square for these pieces.

Bow chock block...or whatever!  Spinnaker chute to be built in just aft of this and initially hidden for future upgrade.

Using left over cedar battens from the cold molding the upper edge of each compartment is fitted with a shelf to receive the cover plate.

Finger board for pattern making of cover plates.

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