Monday, December 14, 2015

We finally got that bow tip capped.  It was going to slit a jugular before too long.  The chute design* construction is underway and it requires the chute to neck as small as 170 mm diameter.  The actual cross section area will be larger than a round hole but hopefully this is not leading to a mess.  I do not know how wet spinnakers behave going down a drain.

Two bent laminates are prepared to bolster the center console at the main sheet block.  The plan is to stiffen it fore and sideways with plates that provide mounting landscape for cleats etc., those that exceed the top surface cleats.  Hopefully this can be made as a bolt in place console for needed easy removal but we'll see. 

 Mock-up and layout of console supports.

 Steaming and initial bending.

One glued up and another drying.

* What design?????

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