Monday, February 8, 2016

The console will be tied to frame 6 with fiberglass tape and at the keelson with screws.  I did not want to compromise the frame strength.  Plates are mounted with butyl tape beneath screws.  There are 6 control positions, main sheet and compass.

Floor framing dragged ab it but 2 more days should get them all ready and mounted short of a final paint or epoxy...tbd.

Buoyancy bags were fitted with three in front and three in aft.  Need containment net tie downs then this is done/ready.

Update on outstanding tasks:
  1. Spinn. chute
  2. Buoyancy
  3. Bow
  4. Deck, mast gate
  5. Console 95%
  6. Flooring 90%
  7. Rudder 95%
  8. Mast step
  9. Fore and aft ram assembly
  10. Fittings
  11. Keel mount
  12. cockpit finishing 50%
  13. Hull mods for cleats, splash guard, shear strip installation, shroud attach, cheek block aft spinnaker
  14. paint
  15. Build support structure
  16. Support boat in cradle
  17. proceed with keel work
  18. install to trailer
  19. Trailer 
  20. mast rig
  21. Fit out

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