Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is the essence of the F-15, at least from my narrow view 5,000 miles from the nearest regatta.

I finished the keel proposal and request  and submitted it to a casting business in southern California. No word yet but it is a one off strange request.  They did a very fast turn around keel some years back for a damaged boat and they pour in the several ton range daily.

General specification:

Keel Plug:
  1. Construction: Plug is to be one part.  Will discuss with you if it needs to be two pieces.
  2. Material:  Built up from wood, foam, Bondo and fiberglass.  See figure 1.
  3. Shrinkage allowance: 1/8”/foot shrinkage allowance.  
  4. Draft allowance:  The shape seems to be well accommodating for retrieval from sand form.  
  5. Finish:  Sanded fiberglass.
  6. Weight:  Approximately ~30 lbs.
    Shipping dimensions: 2.5’ x 1’ x 7’
    Metal Keel Casting:
  1. Construction:  Malleable cast iron.  
  2. Material:  Malleable cast iron, Nodular iron both appear to be good toughness without post heat treat.  
  3. Finish:  Smooth as possible without incurring additional cost.  
  4. Weight:  Expected 370 lbs.
  5. CG:  29.5” horizontal, 6” vertical, center-line transverse.  
  6. Flange:  I am planning on ½” diameter through holes, 10x eq spc.
  7. Shipping method:  TBD - ocean freight.
  8. Shipping weight: 400lbs
  9. Shipping dimensions: 2.5’ x 1’ x 7’
Figure 1:  Plywood sheets, foam and fiberglass plug with same dimensions as finished piece with compensation for shrinkage.

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