Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rudder and Base

September 25th:
In the last few days I put up the base and developed a rudder plan.  Small and large project work will proceed in parallel so that at night I can make progress without waking the dogs around the neighborhood. The RUDDER should qualify as quiet work.  The design is to take the provided cross section from plan 97/2 of the ruder and scale it within the fore/aft profile.  As the profiles approach the hull they will gradually angle until parallel with the edge adjacent to the hull.

Compared to old pictures of F15s being built circa 1940s it appears I have a relatively stout BASE to setup the station moulds.  I am leaning towards laminating a backbone over the moulds but that could be troublesome with a 4ft wide base.  Only half of the base is setup at this point and I am using it is as a table for laying out the stations profile.  The plans are curious enough with some variations between the loft table and full size station dimensions.  I don't suppose I will ever get this boat class approved but the aim would be strict adherence to the rules.  I will use two layers of 1/8 marine ply formed primarily over a set of stringers on the moulds.  Frames will be laminated and placed densely in high stress area of keel and less so along boat length.  It is not determined yet if steam bent or laminated frames will be used.  The fine frame arrangement on classics as shown in the photo below does not apply.  A recent ffblog page indicated that was the method used prior to epoxies and a large number of small bronze nails visible on the outer surface were driven through each frame.  Also stringers built into the hull are not currently considered, just a laminated frame network and bulkhead panels to carry the load path out from the core to the hull, shrouds, etc.

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