Monday, September 22, 2014

More tweaks

Finished battens installation.  The Transom / station 8 transition is problematic and will take some time to get fare.  Might be possible to start chipping on the keelson by the weekend.  The actual transom will be built up like a cell structure with marine ply with a thin wall.

Discovered station 7 mould was all messed up at several loft points.  Removed mould, modified and reinserted.  Now the real FF15 shape is in place.  CAD drawing must be a curve fit issue.

Marine ply has arrived and keelson routing is about to begin.  Seems like the coldmould form will work well for router guide to cut much of the keelson rabbit.
The peculiar shape in the aft area of the hull that I have seen in the loft lines and the construction of the keelson.  Between stations 6 and 8 the hull surface is concave.  IS THIS RIGHT?  You can see it in the battens adjacent to the keel or in the schematic showing the gap compared to an arc.  I suppose FF sailors don't spend too much time rubbing their boats underbelly but if you happen to know and this looks normal please let me know.  Thanks.

This picture shows the transom station at the picture bottom then station 8.  Beyond that the battens sink to station 7 then back up to 6.

I am wishing now I had perhaps skipped on using the plywood for mould forms.  I will probably have to attach blocks of wood fore and aft of these stations to get more reliable attachment points.  So far not to bad but the stem is going to be a bit of a sculpting job.

Meanwhile somewhere out in the Pacific a stack of marine ply is headed this way from Seattle.  I expect a call from the docks anytime soon then some hokus pokus on finding a place to put it.

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