Thursday, October 23, 2014

Next time need to level keelson before putting in all the battens.  Knew it would be a problem but ignored the thought.  Little helpers set shims and wedges at each station and tuned in the offset from the baseline.  Most are within <3 mm but the 8-7-6 stations again were troublesome.  Unfortunately there is a bit of stress in the keelson laminate as it is clamped in the form.  More tuning has slowly arrived at a good compromise.  I switched the baseline to mono-filament line, aligned the laser to the form then found the keelson center-line dead on.  The mono-filament was aligned with that and heights taken starting with 381 mm at transom and 851 mm at stem.  

Now the height tuning has really only taken 2-3 hours.  After discovering some twist that was removed a line was transferred from the batten form to the edge of the laminate.  The laminate has been removed and is ready for some initial planing / sawing.  No progress on transom assembly but hope to start cutting that up next week.  Once the keelson is cut up a bit it goes back and re tuned to the form for a finer planing then I will let the router loose on the skin joint and see where we are,

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