Wednesday, November 12, 2014

There is about 1 hour worth of clean up on the keelson edge for the ply sheets to attach to.  The transition from rabbet to lap is going to be tricky and the bow section had a bit of misalignment in Z that I am fighting.  Decided to cut it down about 3 mm to get the profile to match the section profiles otherwise the surface will go flat or cup in right near the keelson.  The shear ledge board (name??)  is fitted at the transom and stem and the overall length came in dead on.  These boards will remain unattached at both ends and not glued during the skin job.  They have been screwed to the mould form all along.  I am considering burying the first ply layer in the bow area with a rabbet between stem and section 1.  I think I will hold that off until the ply pieces approach the stem then cut it in place.  Not easy or easy to bomb!  Time to pick up the ply sheets and get the show rolling.

Cleaning up the details, they just don't end.  Attached transom to mold and adjusted mold profile with shims under each batten to match the transom profile wedge.  Fitted shear to transom and now moving back to stem to fit that intersection.  Thinking of gluing gussets along the length of the shear to hold it in place at each station.

Thanks Richard, these clamps are great!!

This is almost ready now but will need to add a wedge shaped strip along the flange to match the mold profile.  I chickened out on making a 6 mm outer face supported by the ribbing.  It probably does not save much on weight but I did not want to cut up that large an area out of solid wood.  On the plus side the face and flange edge provide a stair-step interface for the two layers of the hull to contact with.  I used 5 #4 brass screws in this assembly.  Need to see if that is safe to leave in place or if they might create problems down the line.

Transom work started.  The baseline reference is offset 38 mm from back panel of mold assembly. The transom will consist of a web structure of thin ply with the outer face 9 mm thick.

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