Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last time the keelson will be out alone.  Put a coat of epoxy all over.

Keelson now mounted and strapped in place with metal gussets.  Added some plastic sheets over the mold and preparing for laying ply.

Started the skin installation.  Takes a bit of finesse to lay these down flat but the process is getting smoother.  The strips are continuously twisting as they lay down and the slightest error lifts one edge or the other.  The form is not perfect so takes a bit of care to stay on a fare line.  At the sheer the strips are clamped and stapled but not glued.  As the second layer comes along I will remove only the staples required.  Wondering how much spring back there will be but that is certainly a long way off, this is slow going.  Work should require approximately 280 strips, 4 strips / hour, 7 ml epoxy / strip. Staple gun noise limits work to before 8pm :(   Using 5/8" brads and 12 mm heavy duty T50 staples. Arrow stapler is pretty good, Powerone stapler was weaker than the arrow, and a Dewalt is working pretty well after taking back the first one I bought.  It would not pass staples.  Plan to put together a scarfing jig to make more strips with the leftovers tomorrow.

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