Friday, January 30, 2015

After many hours of pulling staples except along the shear the hull surface is sanded to take off high spots without digging too deep into the ply.  I will set up the strapping at the mid section for about 1/3 of the length overall.  The plys lay very nicely and should not require much strap force.  The straps will have to be covered over with polyethylene and able to shift positions easily.  Planned sequence so far:
-- sand 1/3 areas
-- fill pores and gaps and seal entire surface
-- fair  surface with microlight 410(not perfectly but to lessen the volume between layers)
-- add second layer strips in sets of 3-4 after spilling, fitting dry, then giving initial coat of epoxy.

Some day in the distant future:

-- Complete second layer, remove staples, cure epoxy, wipe amine, and sand all over.
-- Add layer of 10oz e-glass
-- Paint epoxy primer, Interlux 2000e or similar
-- Paint finish coat such as Valspar or similar

Get on with it!!

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