Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All the forward deck beams are fitted, coated with epoxy and ready for installation.  May pause to do some interior work before access becomes more limited.

Beam I mounted after construction from separate pieces. The fore stay chain plate will mount just aft of this beam.
Measure C deck beam span.  Should have removed the 6mm ply sheet acting as the deck offset.  The left right span and vertical offset indicate beam radius.  The deck shape is portion of a cone.

Layout of pattern for deck beam E.

Common sense dictates to assemble symmetrically.  After installing only the starbord supports the mast gate has been pushed off center by 2mm.  And after installing the port side it did not improve, decide to leave it...or file it.  Following Nicolson guide the front deck structure will consist of cross beams spaced about 150mm.  Just not sure if I will use a ply sheet or cold mold the deck.

Pattern fitting -  hot glue is great.

Made up these brushes as I am not able to stomach the cost of one time use brushes for epoxy.   I cut up squeegees that were degrading and stapled them to sticks.  These work excellent and allow finesse in pushing adhesive around where you want it.  Various radius ends also work well.   Free, reuseable!!  
Get em out by Friday!

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