Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The boat and trailer licensing is finished.  The boat was lifted one last time to paint the keel for touch up.  The fitout work is ready and all hardware procured after a visit to California.   I should have a lines, hardware, and control schematic in the near future to post.

Control line installations at console:
1 Mast ram aft.
2 Mast ram forward.
3 Cunningham.
4 Spinnaker pole up-haul.
5 Barber hauler adjust.
6 Rig tension.
7 Main sheet.
8 Vang.

Hull control lines Helm:
9 Spinnaker halyard.
10 Spinnaker down-haul.
11 Aft toe straps.

Hull control lines crew:
12 Outhaul on boom.
13 Genoa.
14 Furler.
15 Spinnaker sheets.
16 Twinners.
17 Forward toe straps.
18 Main halyard.

Spinnaker installation is on hold until the boat is tested out.  Sail, chute, chute cover and cover control lines, sheets will be left out.  

Boat VIN stamp attached to starboard aft.

Rig tension kit for 12:1 purchase on Genoa wire.

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