Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finally had a chance to roll out and raise the mast to check the height.  Mast step was mounted temporarily then using a jig I marked the sheer below the gate.  The mast standing in its step is 53 mm above the #4 marker.  This could be 38 mm if I move the markers but for now its time to pull out the Forstner and router to dig a hole in the hog.

  1. Mount tank covers, 4x.
  2. Install console and floor boards.
  3. Build Genoa plinth.
  4. Install forestay keelson links.
  5. Install spinnaker tube (probably on hold till after initial ocean tryout).
  6. Trailer inspections and license.
  7. Install to trailer.
  8. Mast fitting.
  9. Fitout blocks, lines etc.
  10. License and sail.

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