Thursday, June 23, 2016

The gantry had to be widened by 2 inches to fit the trailer but in the mean time the boat and keel together have been lifted as one and should be ready to lift and place on the trailer for fitting.   The final coat of deck paint was applied as well as some touch up in the cockpit.

  1. Sand out deck surfaces and clean.
  2. Test deck paint system with anti skid material.  The roll and tip painting was very successful but the working time was a bit fiddley.
  3. Apply first coat of deck paint system.  30%
  4. Apply second coat.  Mask and paint stripe.
  5. Final paint touch up interior and vacuum throughout.
  6. Mount tank covers, 4x.
  7. Make keel bolt upper plates.  Mount keel, bolts and epoxy.
  8. Final paint rudder. 
  9. Cut rudder key way and test install.
  10. Install console and floor boards.
  11. Build Genoa plinth (forgot about that).
  12. Install forestay plate and keelson links.
  13. Install spinnaker tube (probably on hold till after initial ocean tryout).
  14. Trailer inspections and license.
  15. Install to trailer.
  16. Mast fitting.
  17. Fitout blocks, lines etc.
  18. License and sail.

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