Monday, June 6, 2016

The boat is back upright and being readied for top paint, anti skid material and detailing.  Still not sure when the mast and sails will arrive.

Need some drier weather now.

Sand deck final.
Keel insertion coming up.  The plan here is to level and align the boat and keel to one another. Place a mold release or tape onto the hull or keel interface then insert epoxy to fill the gap.  The bolts will be wrapped in paper, installed and floated in their respective holes and filled as well with epoxy.  Need to make sure this does not alter keel or hull with respect to rules.  I do not have the heart to gouge out the bottom of the keelson or the time to grind away the keel flange let alone do it right.

Flipping boat back over.
Painting the interior a bit while it is in a convenient position.


  1. Sand out deck surfaces and clean.
  2. Test deck paint system with anti skid material.  The roll and tip painting was very successful but the working time was a bit fiddley.
  3. Apply first coat of deck paint system.  
  4. Apply second coat.  Mask and paint stripe.
  5. Final paint touch up interior and vacuum throughout.
  6. Mount tank covers, 4x.
  7. Make keel bolt upper plates.  Mount keel, bolts and epoxy.
  8. Final paint rudder.
  9. Cut rudder key way and test install.
  10. Install console.
  11. Install forestay plate and keelson links.
  12. Install spinnaker tube.
  13. Trailer inspections and license.
  14. Install to trailer.
  15. Fitout blocks, lines etc.

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